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Welcome To Akashic Medicine
Life Minerals In A Bottle Or Tincture

Akashic Medicine has gone to great lengths to provide the most optimal supplements for the earth family to provide themselves & family with products that help boost preformance in the area's needed.

Work where you are today is the regiment, progress not perfection is the goal.

Akashic Medicine has a supplement for the level of health an individual desires.

The founders of this business originally had NARCOLEPSY since age 15, which has turned into a journey of health.

Health Is Wealth

Available Supplements

Neuro Plus Brain and Focus - ROC102757-812 - Akashic Medicine’s Brain Enhance
Brain Enhancement

Colon Sweep - ROC102757-302 - Akashic Medicine’s Excretory Cleanse

Excretory Cleanse

Anxiety Formula - ROC102757-801 - Akashic Medicine’s Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Relief

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